Involuntary TransferThe USMTO changes the Registrant’s Weight Division or Experience Class to meet the needs of the Tournament.  Involuntary transfers do not incur fees. 

Voluntary Transfer: The Registrant elects to change his/her registered Weight Division or Experience Class.  The USMTO will disapprove voluntary transfers if doing so would negatively affect the tournament’s bracketing. 

2.4       Voluntary transfers: Registrants may request a Voluntary Transfer to a different weight division or experience class at no charge if the USMTO receives the request within 48 hours of their registration.  


2.4.1       Registrants who request a voluntary transfer outside of the 48-hour period may do so, however, they are required to pay a transfer fee.  Fees vary depending on when the USMTO receives the transfer request.   The fee schedule is as follows: 

  • Requests received within 48 hours of registration: FREE
  • Requests received more than eight (8) days or more from the weigh-in day: $15
  • Requests received between seven (7) and one (1) day of the weigh-in: $25
  • Requests received on the day of weigh-in: $75

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