12.1     Each club/team’s head coach or designee must pre-register their entire coaching staff with the USMTO.  As of 5/20/2022, Coaches do not have to be a member of any sporting organization. Coaches should ignore any membership solicitations from sporting organizations as a condition of coaching during the USMTO.  The USMTO will limit the amount of assistant coaches and corner passes per club/team based on the club/team’s size (Fig. 12). Registration will not be complete until the coach registration fee is paid.  Each registered coach will receive a corner pass credential that will grant access to the competition area.  The corner pass will remain property of the USMTO and may be rescinded by the USMTO.  Click or tap here to register. 

Fig 12.  Assistant Coach Limits

# of Registered Athletes

per club/team

Maximum # of Assistant Coaches Allowed

(excluding head trainer)